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Decorative Fabrication

Mixing form and function is our specialty.  On-site or in our local shop, we can create the look you want with the functionality you need.

Equipment Welding

Keeping your construction, agriculture, or factory equipment in production is critical to your success. We are ready to make on-site repairs quickly that are stronger than the original.

Custom Fabrication

Not sure what you need?  We can help you design exactly what you are looking for. The end result is guaranteed to fit your requirements and stand the test of time.



Roman Laibida has been welding professionally for over 35 years. He has the experience to complete the job efficiently, and the expertise to do it reliably. You don't want your doctor to be learning the skills of his trade on you, and similarly, you don't want a welder to be learning his trade on your project. Far too often, we are called in fix someone else's mistakes, and the rework is more expensive than if we had just done the job in the first place. Save yourself the headaches and the expense, and let us help you do your project right the first time.



Porch Rail #1
Porch Rail #1
Porch Rail #2
Porch Rail #2
Porch Rail #3
Porch Rail #3
Roll Bar
Roll Bar
Garden Entrance
Garden Entrance
Rooftop Bar
Rooftop Bar
Porch Railing
Stair Railing
Large Driveway Gate
Small Driveway Gate
Decorative Window Bars (in process)
Decorative Window Bars (completed)
Architectural Brackets
Trailer Ramp
Custom Trailer (in progress)
Custom Trailer (painted)
Custom Truck Rack
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Advanced Welding Certified by AWS
Mobile Unit and Full Service Shop
Climbing Certified for Elevated Work



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